Wer oben sein will, braucht einen klaren Focus.

Sound judgment is crucial to far more than selecting new investment opportunities.

Unique in three ways – our eye for essentials

  • Yorck von Schmeling-Diringshofen

    We acquire with a clear obligation in mind: the sustainable and successful enhancement of the business in the interest of all stakeholders.
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    Yorck von Schmeling-Diringshofen is something of a guiding spirit for ADCURAM, having accompanied the development of ADCURAM from the very start as its advisor and sparring partner. Born in 1938, von Schmeling-Diringshofen started his working life at IBM during one of the company’s decisive transitional periods – as it entered the digital era. The business graduate quickly advanced to second-line management of IBM Germany in the service section of “Big Blue”.

    At the end of the 1960s, he embarked upon what would become a second successful career as an independent business consultant specializing in special situations. As the personally liable partner of what at the time was Europe’s largest textile finishing company, he was able in just three years to steer the business out of a crisis situation back into a position to pay dividends. Since 1975, von Schmeling-Diringshofen has experienced great success in restructuring businesses in the textile, food, timber and chemicals sectors and has regularly taken over the helm at these businesses to achieve this.

    His experience in restructuring businesses and adapting supply structures to meet changes in market requirements and in acquiring and integrating companies right the way through to restructuring entire corporate groups is of inestimable value to ADCURAM.

  • Dr. Ulf Lange.

    We are passionate in our support for ADCURAM’s operational approach.
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    Dr. Ulf Lange (born in 1965) is a founder and member of the ADCURAM Group AG Supervisory Board.

    Dr. Ulf Lange’s activities revolve around two questions: “How does a company need to be set up so that it will continue to achieve good results in five or ten years and provide a secure, attractive workplace for employees?” and “What is the most feasible way of implementing the sustainable development of a company while including all of the stakeholders?” Dr. Lange already explored these key issues of medium- to long-term perspectives as part of his doctoral Thesis on the subject of implementing a global distribu-tion system for spare parts for BMW AG.

    This experience led Dr. Lange to enter the restructuring Business, where which he set his sights on learning from successful managers, understanding the multiple layers of interests in complex entrepreneurial situations and balancing them out in the interest of the company. He found the opportunity to do this for the largest investment of Deutsche Beteiligungs AG, where he was involved in the reorientation of the company as assistant to the Executive Board.

    After an intermediate stint spent turning a hightech company into a profitable business, Dr. Lange switched to the Corporate Restructuring area of Roland Berger. There, he concentrated on developing and implementing integrated approaches to corporate restructuring – which was and still is a major strength of the renowned top management consultancy. Today, this conceptual approach lies at the heart of all transformation strategies at ADCURAM.

    After three years as a consultant, Dr. Lange decided to change sides and assume responsibility for an operative business himself. As its CEO, he brought a medium-sized metal processing company into the black for its publicly traded parent company, creating the foundation for the successful sale of the company. In this way, Dr. Lange remained true to his personal motto of implementing and ultimately sharing mutual success with the company.

    Dr. Lange was a member of the ADCURAM Group AG Executive Board for 13 years.

  • Dr. Matthias Meise

    We share the entrepreneurial focus, strategic foresight and professional application of the ADCURAM Executive Board.
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    Dr. Matthias Meise (born in 1972) is a founder and member of the ADCURAM Group AG Supervisory Board.

    Even the best entrepreneurial vision remains a dream if it is not sustainably anchored, lived day-to-day and consistently developed further in a company. Meeting these requirements takes perseverance and the ability to integrate the interests of a group of diverse stakeholders.

    After studying law and earning a doctoral degree in Salzburg and an MBA in finance in the USA, Dr. Meise’s professional career took him to Zurich as an asset manager at a private bank. He then moved to Berlin to work in project development for a property company. At the same time, he was also active as an entrepreneur. As a consultant and partner, he worked on realigning medium-sized companies, with a particular focus on strategy, marketing and sales.

    In 2003, Dr. Meise founded ADCURAM Group AG together with his three partners. Since then, he has been in charge of several success stories. He was a major player, for example, in restructuring DURAN, Hennecke and NUVISAN. In addition to the areas of sales and strategy, Dr. Meise focuses on labor law and the collaborative implementation of capacity adjustments.

    Dr. Meise was a member of the ADCURAM Group AG Executive Board for 13 years.