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It’s the team spirit that counts ...
... and that writes business success stories.

Members of the ADCURAM Executive Board

  • Armin Bire

    For me concluding an acquisition successfully and at the same time assessing the potential correctly has always been one of the most exciting challenges in our business.
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    Armin Bire (born in 1966) has been a member of the executive board at ADCURAM Group AG since November. Armin Bire is responsible for the Mergers & Acquisitions/Corporate Development Departments, along with the identification, assessment and implementation of new investment opportunities. After doing a bank traineeship and completing a university course in business administration in Munich, he took a post in the auditing department at KPMG Group and provided consultation for medium-sized companies within the framework of their annual audit, when optimising their accounting system and in questions of company rating and financing. He then moved to the Bayerische Vereinsbank (later HypoVereinsbank and UniCreditGroup), where he progressed through various stages of holding investment in medium-sized businesses and credit risk management and gathered extensive experience in owner’s equity and outside capital. At the beginning of 2006 Armin Bire started at ADCURAM Group AG, where, as an investment partner, he has been responsible for a large number of successful acquisitions and sales projects.
  • Dr. Philipp Gusinde

    ADCURAM’s approach to identifying companies with potential with the goal of developing them actively, sustainably and for their long-term success, is completely aligned with my way of thinking
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    Dr. Philipp Gusinde (born 1970) has been on the executive board of ADCURAM Group AG since October 1, 2016. He is responsible for Mergers & Acquisitions, i.e. the identification, examination and implementation of new investment opportunities. After his apprenticeship as a banker, subsequent business studies and a PHD program at University of St. Gallen (CH), he began his career in private equity at Apax Partners, where he conducted numerous management buy-outs and growth financing projects in New York and Munich. Dr. Gusinde then joined Bavaria Industriekapital as Managing Director with a focus on carve-outs and restructuring cases. As founding partner and member of the Investment Committee, Dr. Gusinde was most recently responsible for establishing Munich-based investment house Bregal Unternehmerkapital. In his long career, he has successfully implemented many national and international transactions and has thus had a major impact on the successful development of a large number of businesses.
  • Dr. Florian Meise

    The basis of every successful transaction is a genuine interest in the motivations of the other stakeholders in the case in question. After that, there are as many solutions as your imagination can come up with.
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    Dr. Florian Meise (born in 1970) is a founder and member of the ADCURAM Group AG Executive Board. He oversees Mergers & Acquisitions/Corporate Development, which involves identifying, auditing and acting on new investment opportunities. Two recurrent themes pervade the professional career of Dr. Florian Meise – strategy and growth. After studying business management and law in Munich, completing a doctorate and a subsequent research fellowship at Harvard University in the USA, he went into management consulting. Dr. Meise advised companies in the areas of media, production, commerce and banking for McKinsey & Company, one of the leading international management consulting companies. His focus was on market penetration and international growth strategies, but he was also fascinated by the challenges of postmerger integration. Yet Dr. Meise is always on the lookout for an entrepreneurial chal-lenge. Together with partners, he set up two companies in the health and telecommunications areas. Again, his particular contribution was in the areas of strategy, marketing and sales. As managing partner in the restructuring of a medium-sized engineering company, he also proved his expertise in the development of companies at complex junctures. In 2003, Dr. Meise founded ADCURAM Group AG together with his three partners. He has been particularly successful at structuring and negotiating complex transactions in which the interests of various stakeholders often have to be reconciled. Corporations and employee representatives alike appreciate Dr. Meise’s skills as an open, direct and reliable negotiating partner. Particularly during the early days of ADCURAM, Dr. Meise assumed a leading role in the restructuring of individual group companies, such as the DURAN Group carve-out from SCHOTT.
  • Thomas Probst

    Our financial strength and ownership structure allow us to follow a sustainable growth strategy – independently, for the long term and with a clear focus.
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    Thomas Probst (born in 1962) is a founder and member of the ADCURAM Group AG Executive Board. Together He oversees Mergers & Acquisitions/ Corporate Development, which involves identifying, auditing and acting on new investment opportunities. Probst gained a profound knowledge of the financing business and equity investment business from the ground up. After completing his banking apprenticeship and earning a business management degree, his first professional assignment led him to Dresdner Bank’s Corporate Finance department. Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, this institution played a leading role in the emerging market for structured corporate financing at the end of the 1980s. There, Probst managed a number of important transactions for financial investors and strategic investors as well. At this time, he also became interested in operative business issues, and was already aware of the importance of relating finance with strategic and operative initiatives to further develop a company. His real passion for this area came with his change to Credit Suisse First Boston investment bank in the middle of the 1990s. There, Probst was a major player in developing the business of equity financing for medium-sized companies. His experience with the restrictions placed on lenders ultimately made him decide to switch to the equity capital side. His goal was to be actively involved in the further development of companies. Probst found the opportunity to realize this at a subsidiary of Bayerische Vereinsbank, where he played a major role in the development of the business of equity financing for medium-sized companies. After a good two decades of experience with financing in a bank environment, he decided to act as an active investor – and that was when ADCURAM was brought to life.
  • Stefan Weiss

    For me, developing a company and creating values that are sustainable means being true to one’s word and taking all the partners who are involved in this process seriously.
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    Stefan Weiss (born in 1970) has been a member of the executive board at ADCURAM Group AG since 1st November 2015. Stefan Weiss is the member of the board who is responsible for the legal, fiscal, corporate accounting, human resources and IT divisions. After a course of study in business administration in Regensburg his career got off the ground as a tax consultant at PwC in 1996. His focus there was on international tax consulting for groups that are active on an international level. In the course of his further career he specialised in tax consulting in the realm of national and international M & A transactions, as well as restructuring projects. Within the framework of this position he acts as senior management member of the cross-divisional transaction team and in this function has managed a large number of prestigious projects. Stefan Weiss came to ADCURAM at the beginning of 2006, where, as Tax Director he was first responsible for all transaction-related and general tax matters. In the years that followed he assumed responsibility at ADURAM for legal matters and accounting across the entire group.